We had been considering getting a dog for some time, one that would be our friend on the road. It had to have a short coat, a happy-go-lucky nature, be adaptive, a fast learner, and obedient. As we’ve always liked the Boston Terrier breed, there was no doubt this was the right choice for us.

Towards the beginning of the summer of 2010 we decided to approach a breeder and kindly asked her if we could take a look at her little Bostons in the flesh. There was a fresh litter of puppies back then and one of them was bound to become ours soon were we to be allowed to see them. This is exactly what happened!

VASABY od Kopce Zebína

Our first pet Boston was love at first sight! On the first visit she comfortably fitted into the palm of our hand. By the next visit she was already getting into mischief. When we arrived home with Vasaby, we had no idea that this little doggy would wrap us around her little paw. She did so to such an extent that we were unaware, until much later, how much she had been changing the pace of our lives. We didn’t mind at all, rather the contrary! There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t have a good laugh in her company. In the evening, when she is lying by our side after a whole day of romping around, we watch her sleeping, because even that is amusement to us. We simply cannot imagine things being any other way.